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Newcastle Sunderland

Zoom Guest Pro Class with Payal Ramchandini Kuchipudi

Thu 22 Apr 2021 9:31am
Class times:
*This is a hybrid class. The teacher will be filmed live at Dance City and you will take part at home via Zoom whilst some people will be taking part in the studio with social distancing*

Payal’s class will begin with a short warm-up routine that shall get the heart rate up and prepare the body for the main part of the class where she will be focusing on Kuchipudi (South Indian classical dance style) . She will first be introducing the class to basic steps/fundamentals which form the building blocks for subsequent, more advanced, sequences of this dance form. This will condition the body for the unique postures of Kuchipudi. Participants will then learn longer movement phrases (called ‘jathis’) that are choreographed using these basic steps. The class will end with a brief exploration into the use of hand gestures and facial expressions.

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