Guest Pro Class - Livia Massarelli (with Dora Frankel Ensemble) - Dance City

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Newcastle Sunderland

Guest Pro Class - Livia Massarelli (with Dora Frankel Ensemble)

Thu 27 Jan 2022 9:30am
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Livia’s class is a dynamic and energising class. Starting from a moment of self-awareness and deep listening, it aims to build up the strength and the resistance of the performer, to work the technical skills, and to explore the individual and group creativity in a playful environment. The class includes work through improvisation, set exercises standing and on the floor, and movements phrases. Particular attention is given to the awareness of the body into space, the relationship established between dancers and musicality.

London based Livia trained in Italy and England and has an MA in Performance from London Contemporary Dance School. She works internationally as a dancer, author, teacher, researcher and now, meditation guide for dancers.

She teaches company classes for among others, Shobana Jeyasingh and collaborates with dance companies, organisations and universities as Meditation expert and holistic coach. She teaches company class for the Ensemble and proclass for DC, when we are in residence.

Livia has danced in creations by numerous choreographers, including Emanuel Gat, Shobana Jeyasingh, Tony Adigun & Dora Frankel and has presented her own work internationally in Italy, England and Portugal. Livia is supported by Wayne McGregor Studio, London through the FreeSpace programme.

Image credit: Luke Waddington
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