Tai Chi Workshop with James Carss (55+) - Dance City

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Newcastle Sunderland

Tai Chi Workshop with James Carss (55+)

Adult Workshop
Thu 20 Jun 2024 1:00pm
Class times: 1-2pm
Tai chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for self-defense and health.

About the teacher

James Carss began his Chinese Martial Arts journey at the age of 12 after being mesmerised by watching a Bruce Lee movie! He studied both and Tai Chi Chuan and Wing Chun Kung-Fu both for 6 years before going to University and graduating with a degree in Sport and Fitness Science. The martial arts became an obsession for James, this led him to relocate to Hong Kong in his mid-twenties to study at source, he spent almost fifteen years living and studying Chinese martial arts full time in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong James was exposed and learnt from many world class Masters, he also travelled extensively to conduct research trips in both Mainland China and Taiwan. Throughout his there James also regularly competed in competitions not only in Tai Chi but also in Muay Thai and ring fighting to test himself on the practical effectiveness of the arts he was learning. James became an indoor student (the highest level of transmission of the arts) of both Master Chan Tak Chuen and Master Hui Kit Wah.

Relocating back to the UK in 2017 James quickly established himself as one of the leading teachers of Chinese Martial Arts in Europe. He is active on the international seminar circuit and teaches regularly in Italy, Switzerland and Canada. He also has international students in many countries who travel to the UK to learn from him.

James’s specialism is both ‘Water Boxing’ a rare form of tai chi for health and Yiquan a system of static and dynamic chi gung exercises for mind and boy connection and whole body integrity. James is the author of three books, yiquan, the fighting art of the Han Brothers, Tao of old school boxing and the Internal martial artist guide to strength and conditioning.
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