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Newcastle Sunderland

Aerial Improvers (Adult) Sunderland

Develop your skills on the aerial kit
Adult Class
Tue 19 Nov 2019 7:30pm
Tue 26 Nov 2019 7:30pm
Tue 03 Dec 2019 7:30pm
Tue 10 Dec 2019 7:30pm
Tue 07 Jan 2020 7:30pm
Tue 14 Jan 2020 7:30pm
Tue 21 Jan 2020 7:30pm
Tue 28 Jan 2020 7:30pm
Tue 04 Feb 2020 7:30pm
Tue 11 Feb 2020 7:30pm
Class times: Every Tuesday 7.30pm - 9.00pm
What is it?
Having developed some aerial skills, come along to dance on the ground and in the air in these fun and creative sessions. You will further develop your skills across a range of aerial kit.

Aerial is a great way of keeping fit, improving mobility and having fun! Improving strength is one of our main focuses in aerial and you will get a full body workout from a class. Aerialists are especially strong in their upper bodies and core.

What should I wear?
Comfortable clothing - no zips, buttons or jewelry as these could get caught on the equipment.

What should I bring?
Just water

If you have any additional needs please let the ticket office know when booking, if you feel comfortable to do so.
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