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Newcastle Sunderland

Infinite Ways Home - Richard Chappell Dance

A multisensory production
Fri 27 May 2022 7:30pm
Running time: Approx 1 hr 10 mins
Age: All
Tickets: £13.50
Concessions: £8.00,
£11.00 concession
Critically acclaimed choreographer Richard Chappell presents his most ambitious work to date, Infinite Ways Home - a multisensory production that explores ritual, rave and human connection.

Performed by Chappell's extraordinary ensemble of dancers, Infinite Ways Home features electronic music by award-winning experimental duo Larch alongside live violin by the critically acclaimed soloist Enyuan Khong.

Combining Chappell’s diverse choreographic language of ballet, contemporary dance and improvisation, Infinite Ways Home looks to redefine our sense of community and home, in a mesmerising feast of colour and pulsating sound.

Infinite Ways Home is a work that takes six people through a transformative experience, highlighting the human need for connection. Through the multisensory experience of a condensed fifty-five minute trip, the work redefines its performers understanding of home, looking at community, companionship and self purpose. The piece acknowledges that after times of turbulence, returning to a place of home can be a restorative and ongoing process which includes facing individual fears and giving in to the feeling of falling in order to find ourselves.

Combining themes of old and new, Infinite Ways Home takes inspiration in druidic practices and rave culture, becoming a 21st century ritual of bringing people together. Druidic practices have a deep and profound connection to our surrounding natural landscapes and rave’s exhilarated sense of togetherness create a ritualistic and shared experience for people, manifesting a deep rooted awareness of our body and what surrounds us.

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