Hijikata, Mon Amour - Vangeline, The New York Butoh Institute - Dance City

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Newcastle Sunderland

Hijikata, Mon Amour - Vangeline, The New York Butoh Institute

Viceral, Daring, Celestial.
Fri 10 Nov 2023 7:30pm
Running time: approx. 1 hour 10 mins
Age: All
Tickets: £15.00
Concessions: £12.50
Presented in partnership with Surface Area Dance Theatre

Visceral, Daring, Celestial. Hijikata’s legendary costume is a totem of sorts; it holds secrets of the avant-garde art form.

Created in 2019 in celebration of Butoh’s 60th anniversary. An homage to founder of butoh Tatsumi Hijikata. Vangeline performs in an exact replica of Tatsumi Hijikata’s 1968 costume recreated by Todd Thomas.

Much like Butoh itself, it was born at the confluence of East and West. This costume chronicles the evolution of postmodern art in Japan, and as such, deserved to be carefully studied, and thrown into the limelight once again.

Thanks to a Janet Arnold Award of the Society of Antiquaries of London and a loan from the Tatsumi Hijikata Archives, Vangeline Theater/New York Butoh Institute researched how the costume was designed by recreating it. The costume was professionally photographed by Matthew Placeck.

An informal post show talk will take place after the performance in the atrium of Dance City. The talk will be with a member of the Dance City team, the Choreographer and members of the company.

Talk duration: 20 minutes.
No Booking required

Don't miss the BUTOH, SENSUALITY, AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM workshop by Vangeline on the 11 November at 11am. To find out more information click HERE
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