Can This Place Be A Temple? - Akshay Sharma - Dance City

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Newcastle Sunderland

Can This Place Be A Temple? - Akshay Sharma

Thu 15 Feb 2024 7:30pm
Running time: 60 minutes
Age: 12+
Tickets: £15.00
Concessions: £12.50
Can this place be a temple? is a new contemporary dance solo show by dancer, choreographer Akshay Sharma that uses text, music and voice. It touches on themes of race, gender, migration and environment using dance, stories, fictional worlds and contemporary events. It is part autobiographical, part fictional and creates a refined sense of place through imagined worlds. Can this place be a temple is a question of refuge and safety for all of us that draws upon personal events and writings.

Akshay Sharma is a contemporary dancer with a practice of Indian Classical music and writing. As an artist his relationship to the Indian forms is through music which are integrated not just through voice but enter into the dramaturgy of the work through musical structures, scores, rhythms, textures and tempos.

📷 Images by Camilla Greenwell

This performance includes an optional post-show talk. These typically last 20 minutes and take place in the foyer after the performance.
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