Stories of a Watersprite- Sophie Nüzel Projects - Dance City

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Newcastle Sunderland

Stories of a Watersprite- Sophie Nüzel Projects

Sat 26 Oct 2024 2:30pm
Running time: approx. 45 minutes
Age: 4+
Tickets: £10.50
Stories of a Watersprite is a relaxed performance for young audiences which uses dance, storytelling and puppetry to explore the world of this playful mythical figure. Introduced with embedded audio description, the performance is evocative and sensitive, inspiring audiences to use their imagination to experience the performance through all their senses, igniting a curiosity to learn about their environment and boosting their capacity to care about change. It touches on the threats to our ecosystems, the power that we hold to change things and the importance of community. The show starts with nothing in the space, then step by step - together - we build and create the world of the Watersprite- turning the world of air into a world of water through the power of our imaginations.

The show is a 45 min performance for children aged 4-10 and their families with a cast of 5 professional dancers. It is the last in a trilogy of participatory performances for young audiences and first toured in 2021/22 with 3 professional dancers and a local community cast of intergenerational performers. The remake premiered in 2023 with 5 professional performers and is now being reimagined for touring in autumn 2024.

This show is a gentle and multi-sensory dance and theatre experience for young audience. A visual story is available on request.
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