Creative Summer: Sharing - Imogen Mansfield - Dance City

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Newcastle Sunderland

Creative Summer: Sharing - Imogen Mansfield

Fri 03 Aug 2018 2:30pm
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During the Creative Summer week, Imogen will develop her existing solo, Chaos & Higher Order translating the piece onto four dancers, and creating a film and/or series of photographs from the piece, which she hopes to exhibit and/or use towards film festivals in both the UK and Barcelona.

“The piece is a hybrid of dance, ‘human exhibition’, fashion, film, music and photography. It plays on the idea of entanglement, communication, connection, and detail. This work is an exploration of the idea of human installation - body(ies) in space, in stillness and movement exploration, in collaboration with other medians of art. A short film and series of photographs will also be produced in Spring / Summer 2018.” –

More information on concept, images, and teaser video can be found here:
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