About the Elephant - Filmed Performance - Dance City

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Newcastle Sunderland

About the Elephant - Filmed Performance

Join us for an exclusive filmed performance
Fri 28 Sep 2018 3:45pm
Running time: Approximately 1 hour.
Tickets: £6.00
Be part of the live audience for a simultaneous broadcast of About The Elephant!
This special performance on Friday afternoon will be filmed by a four camera crew which may restrict viewing at times. Because of this we are able to offer a small number of tickets for this, at a reduced rate. It will be a full uninterrupted performance and will be broadcast live across the globe via Facebook at the same time as the Saturday evening performance, which is sold out.
About the Elephant is a new work co-choreographed by Vidya Patel and Connor Scott, commissioned by Sampad South Asian Arts & Heritage in partnership with the Serendipity Arts Festival. The original score has been created by composer and musician Shammi Pithia, who performs live as part of the production.

With guidance from Sampad, the two young talents have now come together for their first collaboration, which beautifully intertwines their respective styles to examine our sense of place and purpose within the world.

How do we deal with being bombarded with information that has been manipulated and find our way to the truth? How do we talk about issues that we’d rather not face?

Playful yet thought-provoking, About the Elephant reflects the search for clarity within our existence.

The duo has collaborated with skilled composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Shammi Pithia, who performs original live music for the performance.

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