Creative Summer is an annual scheme designed to support dance artists regionally, nationally and internationally in developing single or collaborative ideas involving choreography, dance and movement.

Each Summer Dance City offers a range of spaces for up to one week without charge. Our aim is to offer at least half of the Creative Summer studio space to artists based in the North East of England and the other half to artists working outside of the region either in the UK or internationally.

Artists are able to use a space for a range of time periods up to one week working from 9am through to 5pm (except Bank Holiday Monday in August).The offer is based on the use of Dance City’s studio space at no charge.

It is not possible for Dance City to offer any cash funding towards any Creative Summer residencies.  However we can offer our in-kind support for any funding applications that artists may wish to submit, on request, in the form of a letter of support and details of the monetary value of the in-kind studio space and support that Dance City will offer you through its Creative Summer opportunity.

You can find out more about how we support professional dance artists by downloading the document below.


To get in touch or express interest ahead of next year’s application launch date, contact