The inaugural BA (Hons) Professional Dance Fuzion Festival 2023-24 is an event to celebrate the creativity, talent, and performance of our BA students.

The festival is designed, organised, and led by the BA3 co-hort. Across three days kicking off on Wednesday 29 May and continuing through Thursday 30 and Friday 31 May from 3pm till 9pm each day. The programme includes the work that BA1, BA2, and BA3 students have been preparing throughout their course this year, with permanent faculty and visiting artists, including the Gillian Dickinson Foundation awardees and showcases the future of professional dance! 

Keep your eye on this page for more performances and workshops to be annouced!

You can book a day ticket to the Fuzion Festival below.


Inclusive Dance Workshop

Thurs 30 May, 3.30-4.30pm in Studio 1.

Led by BA3 students.
All welcome, no previous dance experience necessary.

Dance Jam

Friday 31 May 2024 3:30pm

Led by BA3 students.
All welcome, although some experience in improvisation is recommended.
Suitable for those over the age of 12.

Rep Workshop

Fri 31 May 2024 4:30pm

Led by BA3 students. For dancers keen to explore material from BA3’s performance works featured in the festival. Suitable for dancers with previous experience and over the age of 12.  


Form, Line, Dot choreographed by Daisy Knowles. 

Thu 30 May 2024 6:45pm

Form, Line, Dot is a contemporary dance piece exploring the visual artwork of artists Antony Gormley, Shantell Martin, and Yayoi Kusama. Split into three sections, this promenade performance leads the audience through different spaces of the Dance City building, portraying ideas based on the sculptural work, line drawings and circular patterns of the focused artists through movement. 

Nirvanic Bodies choreographed by Cara Hogarth 

Thu 30 May 2024 8:00pm

In a relentlessly physical duet, dancers intertwine, seeking nirvana through pulsating beats of house music. Their movements blend seamlessly, embodying the essence of euphoria. Each step resonates with passion, transcending earthly boundaries. Through synchronized motion, they unravel the soul’s journey, igniting a transcendent experience, where rhythm and harmony converge in an embrace.

More to come…