“Empowering, it was so unbelievably amazing. It hit so hard and was one of the best pieces I’ve ever seen.”

Audience member

“A tour de force! I was struck by the directness of the approach which laid bare both the pain and joy of lesbianism.”

Audience member

‘Lesbians are dirty, aren’t they?

With incredible strength, a pole and a lot of humour, this powerful solo performance explores identity, objectification and what it is to be a gay, ‘barely visible’ woman in a raw and physical journey of empowerment. With elements of physical theatre, pole and contemporary dance, Rowena Gander, and acclaimed physical theatre director, Elinor Randle, bring playfulness, authenticity, and boldness to this mesmerising work.’

Rowena has developed a reputation as a performer who creates work that is accessible, powerful, empowering to audiences, and thought-provoking. Barely Visible explores identity, objectification, and what it is to be a gay, ‘barely visible’ woman in a raw and physical journey of empowerment.

The performance features elements of theatre, pole dance, and contemporary dance. Alongside music by sound designer Noel Jones, the piece has been hailed as representative of lesbian sexuality in society, funny, authentic, physical, and visually powerful. The performance is one of a kind in the way it explores feminine sexuality.

The performance is 18+ and presented in partnership with Curious Arts. See Barely Visible at Dance City on the 13th July. Book tickets using the button below.