7 March, 6pm  at Dance City

Board member Mike Cockburn is launching a Business Book Group in partnership with us at Dance City. The first meeting will be at 6pm on March 7th at Dance City and the first book we will read together is ‘The Happy Manifesto’ by Henry Stewart.

We’ll leave you to go and research it and just say that Mike found it inspiring and challenging. The most important thing though, for those of you that struggle to fit in reading time, is that it is only 122 pages.

So if you’d like to come along this is the 4 step process:

  1. Book a place either in person with the Dance City Ticket Office staff or by calling Dance City on 0191 261 0505
  2. Buy the book (Mike would be really grateful if you would support a brilliant local bookshop and get it from Claire and Hilary at Cogito. They have an excellent online service which you can access here – cogitobooksonline.co.uk)
  3. Read the book
  4. Come along on the March 7th with an open mind and some reflections to share

It’s all free and as an added bonus we’ll offer you a complimentary Dance City class for attending.

Hope to see you there.