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Newcastle Sunderland

Slow Flow Yoga

A slower paced yoga that relaxes mind and body
Adult Class
Mon 20 May 2024 12:30pm
Mon 03 Jun 2024 12:30pm
Mon 10 Jun 2024 12:30pm
Mon 17 Jun 2024 12:30pm
Mon 24 Jun 2024 12:30pm
Mon 01 Jul 2024 12:30pm
Mon 08 Jul 2024 12:30pm
Mon 15 Jul 2024 12:30pm
Class times:
Class description: Slow Flow is a practice that gives you space and time to slow down and turn inward. The class moves at a slower pace helping you to gain more awareness and steadiness within, bringing your attention to each breath and each movement. The practice will range from including grounding mediations and pranayama (breathwork) to standing postures, seated postures, slow stretchy postures where you can really give your physical, mental and emotional body time to relax and restore as you soothe and calm the nervous system.

Who is it for:? Age 16+, all levels welcome.

What should I wear:? Comfortable clothing that you can move freely in, no shoes, barefoot is recommended.

What do I need to bring:? You can bring bottled water. Dance City has Yoga mats that you can use however if you prefer you can bring your own.

Teacher: Celeste Hay.

Celeste spent the majority of her years as a Dancer before finding Yoga and she is passionate about how Yoga can become the gateway to so much potential for each individual. Celeste’s classes are welcoming and charged with energy with a focus on finding space physically and creating balance mentally and emotionally. If you have any questions or injuries please speak to Celeste before class begins.

Please let the ticket office know if you have any additional needs, if you feel comfortable in doing so. If you have an injury or an existing medical condition we would recommend that you seek professional advice before attending a class.
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