‘Join the Momentum’ (JtM) presented a highly unique opportunity to perform at one of football’s most iconic stadiums – St James Park.  Rugby Leagues ‘Magic Weekend’ hit Newcastle on 30th and 31st May 2015 and 12 Super League teams played at the home of Newcastle United.

Dance City were partners in the project which saw dancers from Newcastle, Hull and Manchester perform creative dance on this hallowed ground.

JtM invited groups to be represented on pitch in a dance performance, prior to one of the biggest games of the Weekend – Leeds Rhinos in front of up to 40,000 fans.  A programme of delivery excited students to learn choreography which they performed alongside other local schools at Magic Weekend.  A mass rehearsal was scheduled towards the end of the delivery, to bring all participating schools and groups together and each performer will received a JtM t-shirt to perform in.  A training day for local dance artists across the region was delivered by Company Chameleon which Dance City advertised and took part in.  7 dance artists were involved to learn material for the pitch performance to then filter down to their young people.  Dance City delivered five weeks of hour long sessions for with 30 students from Newcastle High School for girls and also set up two days of open workshops for young people to get involved at Dance City.


Statistics & Successes

180 dancers performed on the pitch, (50 were taught by Dance City.  The piece introduced 41,000 Rugby fans to contemporary dance!

Dance City was excited to be involved in the project, the Magic Weekend really was alive with energy and excitement! It is a memory that I know the dancers and I will always cherish – first stepping onto the hollowed ground of St James and setting it alight with dance!” teacher involved

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