We have lots of exciting artists in the building for Creative Summer this week with sharing’s at the following times on Friday 21 August.

1.30pm, Niall Tyzack Carlin, Studio 1

Niall is developing his new work Resonance. By probing a memory and extracting the strongest emotions that are linked to it, is it possible to relive that experience within the mind? But not only on a neurological level, but a physical one. Resonance delves into memories of the choreographer and dancers to produce a genuine presentation of the human body in motion.

3.30pm, Breana, Studio 5

Breana are an Interdisciplinary Performance Company based in Sunderland. They create original performance work and facilitate inclusive movement based workshops. They have been collaborating with a visual artist to research the making of an instillation for their performance work Brother and Sister.

2.50pm, Newton’s Ladder, Studio 4

A duet building on a recent work produced for FRESH North East. Working with the seemingly random nature of the rope, it is the intention of the company to create a full touring piece rich in potential offering a beautiful insight into what an audience sees and perceives, while continuing to explore this potential and developing the movement vocabulary.

3.30pm, Adam Russell, Studio 3

Working title Looking outside from the inside. Adam enjoys creating work for traditional and non-traditional spaces and has been working with community performers of different ages this week to begin creation for his new work to be performed at Dance Edits in September.

We hope you can join us and invite others to do so.