We have lots of exciting artists in the building for Creative Summer this week with sharing’s at the following times this week.

Wed 26 Aug 3pm, Crimson and the Rovers with Benjamin Shepherd and Katie Webster, Studio 5

Crimson & The Rovers will explore how certain individuals obsess over Rock Stars, Celebrities and those thrusted into the public eye through media and television.  The idea that how even in death there is a romanticism and mythology that surrounds certain stars.  Do we consider them as play dolls to live out hypothetical scenarios in order to avoid the everyday lull? Do we enjoy their fall substantially more than their rise? Through character based physicality and melting floor work C&R take a light hearted look at stardom; is it really what it’s cracked up to be? and whether as fans, we can obsess to a dangerous level. www.crimsonandtherovers.com

Fri 28 Aug 2.30pm, Steve Johnson, Studio 4

Inspired by a painting by David Hockney titles “We two boys together clinging together” 1961. Having never worked with male dancers before I thought it would be interesting to explore the masculinity of men. Finding moments of vulnerability and the opposite “macho” sides too. Mixing this in with music and the history of the work created in the early 60’s. I am keen to find narratives through movement. Through-out the piece the performers are constantly in contact with one another, which is the central part that will make the whole piece intriguing. For my choreographic development it is important to spend time again connecting with a new audience and new idea. As the themes are based on a painting, I am warmed to the potential of the duet being performed in gallery’s that may contact Hockney’s work.

Fri 28 Aug 3pm, Frinzi, Studio 3

Freya Averley and Zinzi Marsh are emerging young artists in the North East. Their focus is on aerial dance work. The creative summer week will give them the opportunity to explore and create a new work collaborating with choreographers and dancers in the region.

Fri 28 august 3.30pm, Anthony Middleton’s TheMiddletonCorpus, Studio 1

The final week in the R&D development period for a new creation “Without End”. This trio will explore the concept of time and how environment, society and bodies change over time. The piece will be developed to be performed in unconventional spaces and be further developed in Spring 2016, in collaboration with highly regarded Landscape Architect Trudi Entwhistle (Hebdon Bridge/Leeds) and film composer Jered Sorkin (Leeds).

We hope you can join us and invite others to do so.