Private Tuition

Private Tuition

Dance City can offer private tuition for first wedding dances, audition prep, confidence building, special occasions and much more! Your private tuition will take place in one of our high-spec studios and we will arrange the perfect dance teacher for your requirements.

Wedding Tuition

Whether you just need a few tips on how to move together, if you want a full-blown highly choreographed routine, or if you want your wedding guests involved in a flashmob we’ve got you covered.

Join one of our highly skilled dance teachers in our studios for a fun, relaxed and professional session. In order for the teacher to be prepared we’d need a few things from you:

  • Your first dance song – our teachers can choreograph steps to anything so choose the song that is perfect for you both
  • The style – have a think about whether you want traditional ballroom steps or something a bit different – we can cater for most styles so if you fancy breakdancing across the floor or getting your bellydance on then let us know!
  • Availability – we would need to know what days/times you would be available. We are open 7 days a week so can be very flexible
  • Schedule – it would be good for us to know when you’re getting married so that we can help advise on when to book your session. Every couple is different and will learn at different speeds – some people have 1 session to brush up on existing skills whereas some people come every week leading up to the big day, it really is up to you! If you just wanted something simple then 1 session is probably all that is needed, however something more choreographed may need 2-3 sessions

When you’ve done that give the ticket office team a call on 0191 261 0505 or email and we can take it from there!

Audition/Exam Prep

If you’re preparing to get into a dance school, for a professional dance job or an upcoming exam then we are here to help. Our teachers are highly skilled and experienced in their style so they can provide advice, guidance and support for your big moment.

We’d just need to know what it is you’re preparing for, the style, the level and when it is so that we have plenty of time to get the right teacher for you.

Confidence Building

All of the public classes at Dance City are open to everyone, with lots of them aimed at complete beginners. This means that if you’re new to dance and have never done it before then you are more than welcome to try out a class of your choice.

However we know that this can be quite daunting for some people so if you wanted to build up to coming to a public class then we can offer one-to-one sessions with a professional dance tutor. This could cover everything from the basic steps in your chosen style, learning about rhythm and timing or just moving to the music.

Or if you just wanted to learn some moves for the nightclubs when you’re out with friends then this type of private session would be perfect for you!

Group Tuition/Private Classes

Private lessons can be arranged for more than just 1 or 2 people, so get in touch if you would like to arrange a private class for friends or a special occasion.

Recent bookings have been a Flamenco-style retirement party and a Ballroom class for a group who wanted just their group in the session.


Private Tuition – £50 per hour, up to 2 people

Group Tuition – from £100 per hour, for 3 or more people

To make an enquiry please contact the ticket office on 0191 261 0505 or at