Performance Opportunities

Moving to music, in a group & trying to make something beautiful is good for the soul & spirit. If someone told me when I was 20 that I’d still be dancing at 66+ I wouldn’t have believed it – Inspire Participant

INSPIRE is our annual celebration of dance for people over the age of 55. Here at Dance City we actively promote and develop dance for and with over 55’s leading the empowering message that dance is for all.

Over the last three years our offer has developed to include more classes and opportunities to celebrate performance beyond age constriction. We are proud to host a range of weekly classes at Dance City Newcastle specifically for this age group as well as delivering classes in community venues across the North East.

Dance City’s newest offer is the unique opportunity for mature dancers to be part of our 55+ Dance Company Boundless based here in the building. The company work with talented Dance City teachers as well as local guest choreographers to create original work that is performed at a number of platforms and events throughout the year, most importantly, representing as our principal performers for all INPIRE activities.


Future opportunities with INSPIRE: We are excited to be developing our annual Inspire celebration into a festival, which will host exciting opportunities for the community to enjoy and engage with.  We are keen to hear from organisations to work with us to make this happen


Have a look at some of the highlights of our 2019 platform below: