‘Marvel at My World’ is a debut exhibition from Subhash Viman Gorania. Having left behind the world of multimedia design as a result of being racially attacked in 2002, Subhash spent time during the recent national lockdown in reawakening his interest in drawing and design.

Subhash is a cutting-edge, postmodern South Asian choreographer and dancer. Shifting deftly between Indian classical, urban and contemporary dance, he combines seamless movement with a dose of provocative humour, giving his work an unorthodox and quirky edge

As dance and choreography became Subhash’s profession, there still remained that unforgotten yearning for him to explore his skills in drawing. In 2020, when the UK went into a national lockdown as a result of the pandemic, he began to reconnect with that which he had left behind: the visual arts, design and drawing.

The exhibition centres on the influence of heroes in Subhash’s life, ranging from dance gurus to those protagonists found in Hindu mythology and in comics with a slight twist of course.

Marvel At My World will be at Dance City, Newcastle: 13 November 2023 – 20 December 2023 and is open and free to the public.