Director, choreographer, mentor and artistic director of Vincent Dance Theatre.

‘One of the most important feminist artists working in Britain today. Contemporary dance fans should beat a path to her door.’ The Observer, 2015

Since forming Vincent Dance Theatre in 1994, Charlotte Vincent has directed every one of their works to date including their latest, Shut Down, earning a strong reputation for creating performances that challenge conventional values and gender politics.

It’s dance with meaning, to try and provoke a response and to really look at our society through metaphorical means.

Vincent is committed to raising awareness around gender inequality with her distinctive voice acting as a catalyst for critical debate and social change. She regularly mentors and directs small scale work of mid-career female performer / choreographers.

Shut Down, sister work of live performance and multi-screen film installation ‘Virgin Territory’, is Vincent’s first work performed by an all-male cast and investigates the pressures, contradictions and confusions of being a man.

The work that I make has meaning to it, a political edge. It discusses contemporary ideas and this particular production has been made in collaboration with some young men with an organisation called AudioActive in Brighton which looks at music and contemporary culture.’

The diverse cast features 4 established professional dancers as well as three younger performers between 16 and 21, painting a broad spectrum of modern day masculinity. Shut Down also showcases the powerful work of 16 year old spoken word artist Eben’Flo and tracks created by other AudioActive members alongside composer Jules Maxwell.

What we’re playing with in this show is an exploration of archetypes and behaviours.

Timely, humorous and highly charged, Shut Down combines dance, spoken word, rap and real-life testimony to ask: what is it like to live as a man today?

Fresh off of its UK tour with rave reviews from all angles, Shut Down will be arriving at Dance City on Thursday 7 March.