Schools come together to perform as part of Dance City’s Make Your Move Programme for the Schools Festival on the 31st March.

For each child participating in the Make Your Move for the School Festival programme they receive twelve weeks of dance workshops from a qualified professional, a free CAT taster session, and dancing on stage at the Dance City Theatre. Dance, teamwork, confidence and resilience are all taught through Make Your Move, along with the opportunity and freedom for the children to express themselves, step out of their comfort zone and learn something new. They get the chance to learn a performance from scratch, contribute to the choreography, and create a show that they can be proud of and show off to their family and friends. It is fantastic to see the confidence of the children develop over the programme and this feeds into all aspects of their life, outside of dance and see them believing in their abilities!

It is Dance City’s passion to welcome everyone into dance and encourage the development of a thriving dance ecology in the region and the Schools Festival is the perfect opportunity to do that. People come to Dance City to socialise, learn and develop skills, keep fit and active, train professionally and find out more about the art of dance. It is truly a safe space for everyone to be able to experience dance, whether that is to see shows or perform in them and we love exposing those to dance who may not have gotten the opportunity otherwise. Every year we work with 8000+ people of all ages in a variety of settings in the North East. This includes hosting workshops in schools and other places around the Northeast. We encourage everyone to become part of that 8000+ and experience the world of dance for themselves.