Ten Thousand Tons of Moonlight - Fengling Productions - Dance City

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Newcastle Sunderland

Ten Thousand Tons of Moonlight - Fengling Productions

Thu 11 Apr 2024 7:00pm
Running time: approx 60 minutes
Age: 10+
Tickets: £10.50
Ten Thousand Tons of Moonlight is a compelling dance-theatre production that draws inspiration from the thought-provoking poems of Yu Xiuhua, a celebrated contemporary female Chinese poet. The production brings to life Yu Xiuhua's reflections and questions on love, beauty, disability, and the societal expectations placed on women. Conceived and directed by Farooq Chaudhry, Ten Thousand Tons of Moonlight , merges the languages of poetry, dance and visual design to explore the dualities and contradictions that inhabit Yu Xiuhua and all of us. The performance raises questions about the role of personal struggles in finding our authenticity. It asks whether stepping out of the shadows and embracing our true selves is the key to finding liberation, or if these shadows hold a deeper meaning? Could these poems, serve as a doorway to an alternate reality where our essence can flourish and our souls can find freedom?

This performance is a sharing or a work-in-progress.

This performance includes a post-show talk that typically lasts around 20 minutes in the foyer after the show.

About Fengling Productions

Fengling Productions’ partnership with Dance City has been instrumental in our journey, starting with the adaptation and staging of Nine Songs, a theatrical music performance in 2023 and now with the development of Ten Thousand Tons of Moonlight. It has allowed us to expand our reach, bring world-class artists to Newcastle, and create impactful, thought-provoking works that transcend cultural boundaries.

We believe that “Beautiful things happen when different worlds meet” and Dance City has provided us with the platform and support to elevate this vision and bring it to life. Together, we are creating a space where art thrives, cultures converge, and stories resonate on a global scale.

Following a period of research and development, Fengling Productions and Dance City are proud to present the first public Work In Progress of its new production: Ten Thousand Tons of Moonlight, expected to premiere in Autumn 2024.

This work merges Poetry, Dance and Theatre and draws inspiration from the profound poetry of Yu Xiuhua, a renowned contemporary poet living with Cerebral Palsy, who is often referred to as the Emily Dickinson of China. Ten Thousand Tons of Moonlight brings forth thought-provoking inquiries about the relevance of personal strife in today's society, as individuals endeavor to discover their genuine identities amidst a constant whirlwind of diversions. It encourages contemplation on whether embracing our true selves and stepping out of the shadows leads to liberation, or if these shadows hold deeper truth.

Images 📷 by Hoo Tao
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