Whilst there is both lightness and darkness, the dark is full of light that we cannot see, so how will we choose to pay attention to what is there, despite being beyond our senses?’ 

Dance City commissions J Neve Harrington’s full-length work featuring intergenerational artists and young adults, SOME TIMES. Performing 23rd September 2023 at Dance City.

From collective beginnings in the unknown to questions raised through individual lifetimes and the scope of memory. Harrington leans into neurodivergent ways of processing information, taking audiences on a sensory journey through different ways of experiencing time, witnessing changing patterns and relationships. 

As we live in a time of climate crisis, digital, geological and distinctly human time scales, SOME TIMES explores ways we can be together across generations.

Book your tickets below to see SOME TIMES at Dance City on the 23rd September.

Co-Commissioned by Dance City and South East Dance. Supported by Arts Council England and Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund. Supported through residencies with Siobhan Davies Dance and FABRIC. The wool used in the space design is donated by DMC.

An informal post show talk will take place after the performance in the atrium of Dance City. The talk will be with a member of the Dance City team, the Choreographer and members of the company.
No additional booking required.

Images © Genevieve Reeves