Dance City will be taking part in The Late Shows 2023 which are taking place on the 19th-20 May.

Dance City will be showcasing live dance performances on the 20th May 7-11pm in the studio spaces and theatre and the opportunity to see dance films in the evening alongside other venues in the region such as The Baltic and The Discovery Museum.

The Late Shows, which began in 2007 and started out with just 14 venues taking part, now includes over 40 venues across Newcastle and Gateshead.
The Late Shows is an award winning event and is a amalgamation of North East museums, galleries, studio collectives and heritage venues that open their doors to offer one off performances, behind the scenes tours, activities and parties to offer those who attend a taste of their organisation, share audiences between venues and open their doors to visitors who may not have visited their venue before. It welcomes everyone to experience the arts across Newcastle and Gateshead as a celebration of what the North East has to offer, including both big and smaller, more remote venues.

The Late Shows is co-ordinated by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums in association with Gateshead Council, Newcastle City Council and Arts Council England. Find out more about The Late Shows by visiting their website here: Newcastle & Gateshead Culture Crawl | The Late Shows.

To find out more about Dance City’s involvement, please see this link.