Tuesday 23 March 2021 marks one year since the UK went into lockdown to save lives and protect the public and NHS from the coronavirus pandemic. To acknowledge the anniversary, Dance City is presenting a unique concept – a 12 minute live dance stream, on the hour, every hour across twelve hours from 12pm

We are delighted to present the line-up and running order for TWELVE and details on how to book.

12pm – Debbi Purtill

With yoga practice, Debbi will offer an insight into how a dancer might prepare their body and mind for movement exploration.

1pm – Akshay Sharma (Yorkshire Dance)

Excerpt of a dance solo work that explores tension drawing on geology and relating them to emotional states. 

2pm – Esther Huss and Dahlia 

Esther became a mother 6 months ago and spent many hours of her maternity leave in the studio with her daughter. This is a glimpse into the working relationship between a dance artist and sometimes demanding dramaturg.

3pm – PayalRamchandani

Payal will offer extracts and a glimpse into the fluidity and vivacity of KuchipudiThe piece, ‘Tarana‘ is a celebration- a sculpture frozen in time comes to life to celebrate its freedom through movement before it freezes back forever. 

4pm – Penny Chivas

‘Burnt Out’ is Penny’s response to the Australian Black Summer fires of ’19-’20, initially created to try to make sense of the many intersecting issues around climate change through this dance theatre work.

5pm – Alyssa Lisle

A 12-minute improvisation performance, exploring a space that many of us have not been able to access during the lockdown. The final song will collaborate with Feral Pet/ Rebecca Gregson, a North East musician. 

6pm – Rob Anderson

As a practitioner, Rob is fascinated with creative methodology. He will present a short selection of improvised movement explorations, combining chance method with research elements from his current project: Play:In:Motion.

7pm – Lila Naruse

Responding to the immediate mood. Lila and Ceitidh Mac are coming together for the first time in these 12 minutes. We shall see what happens…

8pm – Sarah Golding & Yukiko Masui (The Place)

An excerpt of work in progress the album by SAY, dance piece filmed at The Place in London. the album explores the innocence of ‘making up a dance’ to music, using songs made by up and coming artists. 

9pm – Gavin Coward & Patrick Kelly

Movement and live music exploration, sketch and extracted scenes from Mr Numb.

10pm – Alys North

An improvised piece, completely unplanned – Alys has music to create a starting point for movement and is excited to discover a dance, spontaneously and in the moment, in a big space that is not inhibited by furniture or squeaky floors!

11pm – Adam Russell

A playful improvisation responding to live guitar and voice by Utkash Mishra.