Dance City’s Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) programme is part of the Department for Education’s Music and Dance Scheme offering dance training for young people from the North East region who are 10-16 years old.

Having had incredible success over the years with CAT programmes in Newcastle and Darlington, Dance City is launching a brand new CAT Street Dance in Sunderland this September.

Dance City is looking for dancers who show talent in dance and its aim is to inspire, enthuse and empower gifted young dancers to fulfil their creative potential.

For young people age 10-16 yrs who want to know more about the brand new Dance City CAT in Sunderland, there is a free Taster Weekend on 29 and 30 May 2021.

The Taster Weekend will be held at studios in The Fire Station, Sunderland. Book your spot and come along to dance,  have fun and learn all about the CAT.


Saturday 29 May, 10am – 1.30pm

The boys’ workshop will give male-identifying participants age 10-16 an insight into the wonderful world of dance and some of the training involved in becoming a performer. We welcome beginners and those with experience.

The Boys’ Workshop will be led by internationally renowned B-Boy Rob Anderson of Bad Taste Cru.

Participants will be introduced to the four main elements of breaking: Top Rock, Footwork, Power and Freezes. There will also be a creative session to help participants discover  new movement possibilities.


Pictured: Rob Anderson
Photo: Darren ‘Jelly’ O’Kane Click the image to view Rob Anderson’s showreel on YouTube


Sunday 30 May, 10am – 1.30pm

The CAT Taster Day will give young dancers aged 10 – 16 and their parents/guardians the chance to find out more about life on the Dance City CAT Street Dance.

The Taster Day workshop with be led by award-winning choreographer and dance artist Robby Graham, Artistic Director of Southpaw Dance Company.

In his workshop, Breakin’ Foundation, Robby will cover some basic aspects of foundations in Breaking. Top Rock, Drops, Footwork, and Freezes will be covered in this accessible approach to Breaking technique. There will also be a creative session to help participants discover new movement possibilities.

The taster day will conclude with a short  presentation about the CAT Street Dance for both parents and students to attend. This event will take place at Dance City Sunderland at the Fire Station, subject to covid-19 guidelines.



The Department for Education offers means-tested grants towards part or all of the cost of training at Dance City CAT Street Dance.