Artist Development Bursary – Sleep

North East born dance artist and Director and Founder of The D Project Dance Company, Debbie is based in Darlington and has been dedicated to the development of dance for CYP and families in the North East for 15 years. The D Project contributes to the strategic infrastructure of dance in the North East through producing dance theatre productions for families and a continued extensive programme of classes/workshop delivery, projects and events in educational and community settings. Debbie is particularly interested in dance work that is relatable for everyone on some level and uses design to create a multi-sensory experience. Combining dance theatre with varied art forms to transport and encompass audiences into another world.

Sleep will be a self-contained, adaptable dance theatre production (11+ advisory age) exploring the effect technology has on sleep.  A universally engaging dance work that encompasses thrilling movement and story, combined with three-dimensional advanced multi-media. Enabling a futuristic, thought provoking atmosphere.

A combination of real-life experiences and scientific research will underpin the inspiration of the movement, digital mapping and projection in the space. The work will promote discussion & encourage more positive interaction with technology in order to enhance personal wellbeing, a subject that will resonate and is relevant to all ages in today’s climate. This will be closely supported by scientific collaboration with Neuroscientist Wei Xu from Newcastle University. Creating work for and with audiences is at the heart of the company’s mission. This will be through discussion and interactive workshops with young people, parents and the general public.