Ignite Programme


Ignite is an annual programme of events at Dance City designed to support and develop the dance sector in the North East.

For details of upcoming events click on the Pro Artists Events section.

Information Sessions

Information sessions provide the latest Dance City updates and information on funding and networking opportunities, with the chance to make suggestions for future events and activities at Dance City. Check website for dates and times.

Dance-Maker’s Forum

A more formal discussion session about dance in the North East. We will talk about Dance City’s plans for the future and how we can work together to create a better and more expansive dance ecology in the region. Check website for dates and times.

Professional Dance-Maker’s Newsletter

Dance City compiles the latest news and opportunities for dancers in the region and distributes this via an e-newsletter on a fortnightly basis. Sign up on the Professional Dance-Makers homepage.

Dance-Maker’s Support

Dance City offers advice for dance-makers, choreographers and creators supported by or working with Dance City in the following areas:
Artistic: Creative, artistic, producing and career development advice and support.
Anthony Baker, Artistic Director and Patricia Stead, Creative Producer.
Technical: Production and technical advice prior to and during the creation of new work, residencies and rehearsals.
James Froment, Technical Manager.
Marketing: Marketing advice and support, using Dance City’s online platforms and resources.
Nina Byrne, Communications Manager
James Allenby, Communications Manager

North East Artist’s Development Network

Dance City are actively involved in supporting the North East Artist’s Development Network which provides a range of support, advice and opportunities for dance-makers across all disciplines to further their careers in the cultural sector. For more information click here.