Artist Development Bursary – Turner in Venice (working title)

Dora, who trained at Rambert School and The Benesh Institute is an established choreographer and educator and founding Artistic Director of Fertile Ground. She has a national and international career spanning almost 50 years and is currently touring the 2nd part of the JMWTurner inspired trilogy Figures in a Floating Landscape.

The bursary supports her investigations and research into the 3rd part of the trilogy with working title Turner in Venice. It allows her to develop a more ambitious approach to a work and an event that will be a celebration of a career shaped by both illness and splendid professional opportunities.

‘I’m absolutely thrilled to be a recipient of Dance City’s Artist Development bursary. It feels like a genuine recognition of my many years work in dance and the 17 years I’ve spent in the North East. It is especially valued at this point in my career when I’m exploring new ways of working and new collaborations.’

Image: Figures in a Floating Landscape featuring Luca Braccia,  Becky Horne,  Livia Massarelli and  Zara Sands, photographed by Luke Waddington.