Early Stage Commission – Mr Numb

Gavin is creating a dance theatre duet performed by himself alongside singer song writer Patrick Kelly. Bringing dark clowning, dance and live music together to tell the fractured stories of Mr Numb.

Mr Numb feels nothing, he is confused in today’s society, he is searching for a feeling, fumbling with his sexuality and questioning ageing. He is an unlikely hero, a slightly unhinged protagonist, in a world full of obstacles. His life is a physical assault course with daring missions that he conquers and fails. Mr Numb is both a warm hearted and melancholy look at what makes us human and our quest to feel fulfilled.


About the artist

Gavin has been working and contributing to the UK dance scene for 20 years, performing and collaborating with some of the most distinctive dance companies, touring internationally and across the UK. He facilitates community projects, mentors young artists and has choreographed at NCSD and on various National Youth Dance Companies. He recently formed ‘Paradox Pictures’ his own company which was established in 2018 and has produced work for Curious Arts, SIRF and works across dance, film and theatre.

His work reflects and questions the world we live in, it is inspired by life with all its grit and glory, opposites, extremes and paradoxes. His work is always extremely expressive and highly physical, portraying character and working with marginalised emotions. He likes to push form, structure and bend genres.

‘I’m obsessed with movement, the stories it can tell, what it can do and it’s power to entertain and move people.’