About the Artist

Igor Tavares is a dancer, poet, and visual artist of African and Portuguese heritage. A sense of  rhythm imbues all of his creative work and is part of the way he expresses himself through poetry, painting and drawing, and through  dance.  Igor has a passion for music, listening to a broad spectrum of musical genres that relate these to his work as an artist and dancer.

‘In my dance work, I enjoy using my physique, strength and stamina and developing movements which use my body to its fullest.  I have created solo pieces, and also worked with other performers and directors using a range of styles and music.  These have included Street, Hip Hop, Afro-house, Jazz, Contemporary, Traditional African and Kalinda. I also perform as a “Moko Jumbie” a Caribbean stilt-walker.   As part of my ongoing development, I continue to train in Contemporary and Ballet.’  


About the work

Igor Tavares will be developing a solo piece that explores the relationship between creativity in painting and dance, together with the expression of the individual within a wider community. Influences will include Jean-Michel Basquait, Gill Scott Heron and the Last poets, Yves Klein and African ritual dances which connect the physical and spiritual worlds. The focus of the piece will be to use Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, and to develop movements/paint-marking to reflect responses to these within the context of climate change.  The piece will involve dance, live “painting” and some significant objects.