Early Stage Commission – How long is a piece of string? 

Two creatures.  Both covered from the tops of their heads to just past their toes in long floppy, heavy “hair”. A new work for children 3+ and their grown-ups, the show will use dance, acrobatics, slap-stick, interactive technology, and sound to tell a silly tale of two fairly funny creatures.


About the artist

Jennifer Essex is Artistic Director of Fully Booked Theatre. She works to offer a unique experience to families: building conversations with audiences, encouraging creativity, play and collaboration.  Her previous work has been supported by Arts Council England, Canada Council for the Arts, Middlesbrough Council, and Stockton International Riverside Festival, among others.

“I am thrilled to be developing How Long is a Piece of String with the help of an Early Stage Production Grant from Dance City, within this vibrant community of dancers, makers, and movement lovers; I hope to make something very special!”