To Suit

Choreography – Lizzie J Klotz

Performers – Charlie Dearnley and Alys North

‘To Suit’ is an exploration of interaction and relationship between man and woman. Developed through an investigation into human communication, the work draws comparisons to animal courtship rituals, specifically exploring the behaviour of birds. Commenting on the social processes and formalities of human relationships, ‘To Suit’ explores the use of body language as a means of conversation.

As a choreographer, Lizzie is interested in the physicality of human presence represented through the live and mediated body, whilst exploring the idea of intimacy and emotion in performance, searching to eliminate the separation between audience and performer. Lizzie’s most recent work is marked by a fascination with human behaviour: developing actions of the everyday such as gestures, focus and body language in order to enhance the empathic, relatable potential of the performer.

One of Lizzie’s most recent works, ‘Too Much Noise, Not Enough Nuts’, was created during her time in Israel, as part of an evening supporting the work of emerging choreographers. Following her return to the UK, Lizzie was invited to recreate the work for Kaleidoscopic, a new artistic platform in London. Inspired by the feedback received at Kaleidoscopic, Lizzie is interested in exploring the idea of working with both dancers and non-dancers, uniting movements of the everyday with dance vocabulary, an idea that will be investigated during the creative process of ‘To Suit’.