Artist Development Bursary – Family Affair

Understanding and expectations of success and fulfilment in life can vary significantly depending on one’s age and also the time of one’s arrival in ‘the West.’

Arguably, African parents often have a precise vision of their children’s future and the route to what they consider a ‘successful’ life which is at odds with their western influenced children. Family Affair delves into the conflict that a person of African heritage often experiences when 21st century western cultural ways of living clash with their traditional African family values.


About the artist

Patrick is interested in tapping into his cultural heritage, identities, current gender controversial topics and how they are expressed and repressed.

His dance work reflects the immense passion he has for dance and cultural eclecticism, but also the issue of humanism, gender and identity in a 21st century world.

Patrick’s artistic goal as a dance theatre practitioner is to create a variety of works that explore the themes of African heritage and cultural norms and investigate the effect, they have on black people who were born or have lived in the western communities (outside Africa) most of their lives.