Full Length Commission – The boy who grew a forest

This inter-generational dance-theatre production-‘The boy who grew a forest’ will urge audiences to look beyond fairy tales, wake them up from environmental inertia and give them real life role models. Jadav Payeng’s adventurous journey of impactful attempts to help his beloved land will be depicted through a confluence of dance forms – Indian classical dance (Kuchipudi Bharatnatyam) and contemporary. The music will be an amalgamation of Indian and Western traditions.


About the artist

Payal is a Kuchipudi dancer and choreographer with a strong foundation laid by 27 years of rigorous training. She has built her unique vocabulary, evident in her creations. With many awards under her belt, she has propagated the dance form across the globe through her meaningful and innovative work.

‘I hope for my work to be a reflection of the times we wish to be in, with imagery of the past and present to see our failures and successes. I aspire to leverage dance to project a future of hope.’