Early Stage Commission – Buckle Up (working title)

Rob has been dancing for over 15 years working alongside multiple award-winning companies, teaching and performing internationally and across the UK. He trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, graduating with the Carolyn Woolridge Award for Outstanding Performance.

Rob also represents Bad Taste Cru, one of the UK’s most influential B-boy crews, whom he has battled and performed with worldwide.

In 2020, Rob became an associate artist with MovingArt management and has begun developing his own work. In January 2021 he was awarded ACE Funding for his project ‘Play:In:Motion’ which aims to establish playful, creative, and accessible movement classes, both online and in person.

Rob is currently developing his first full length solo which has the working title of Buckle Up.  The work follows the story of a young man and his car, from their first drive all the way to old age and the scrapyard, with a lifetime of experiences in between.

Automobiles have influenced all our lives in some way – they offer transport, take us on adventures, connect us to loved ones, offer shelter and much more. With the use of a modified portable car chair, highly physical movement, imaginative lighting and a retro-synth-wave soundscape, the piece aims to take the audience for a ride as this mechanical relationship unfolds.

Rob said of his work “I aim to make work that stays with the audience long after they’ve left the theatre. In many ways, I hope they can see part of themselves in my work. I am truly grateful for Dance City’s support in both this production and the ongoing development of my career.”