Vivien Wood is widely respected nationally and internationally as a choreograoher, theatre maker, dancer, rehearsal director and teacher. Born in the North East of England, Vivien took up a place at the Royal Ballet School in London at the age of 11.

Following an international career in contemporary dance and theatre working with some of the most ground-breaking contemporary artists, including Michael Clark, Mark Baldwin, Antonia Franceschi of the New York City Ballet, Lloyd Newson and Theatre Zar of the Grotowski Institute, Vivien returned to the North East in 2007, and recently established her own collaborative company, directing her own work.

Vivien will be developing La Dame aux Pieds to full production. This is an intimate look at the life of a dancer, exploring the effects of ageing on a dancer’s body. Vivien’s personal journey includes her reports from the Royal Ballet school, stories of touring and performing internationally and solo performances.