Artist Development Bursary – AJAYU TRANSITORIO

AJAYU TRANSITORIO (Transient Soul, working title) is a performance/installation that explores the traditions, relationships with food, death and dying through the magic of Latin American traditional rituals and cultural practices. In Bolivia, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a celebration of the eternal, providing one day a year for the living to be reunited with the departed


About the artist

Yuvel (b. Bolivia) is as a diasporic artist; heritage, (dual)nationality, locality, ethnicity, belonging, intersectionality and culture are the core of his artistic enquiries. Yuvel has a multidisciplinary approach to his creative projects, utilising traditional Bolivian & contemporary dance, live art & performance. Artistically, Yuvel is interested in creating interactive and immersive work, which is inclusive & accessible to diverse audiences.

The bursary will not only enable the development of  AJAYU but also will allow time to focus and reflect on my practice by starting/continuing conversations with more experienced artists”