Following reports of some technical difficulties last week we are pleased to announce that we have extended the deadline for Dance City Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) auditions until Friday 26 June. 

In accordance with the Government’s latest advice regarding the COVID -19 pandemic, we have made an informed decision not to host our Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) Taster Days, Boys Workshops and Auditions in the Dance City building this year to in order to prevent the risk of infection amongst attendees.

All Taster Day information will now be available from our website here, and we have launched an online audition application process, allowing us to continue our commitment to offering opportunities on the CAT to talented young dancers from across the region.

The online application process will have a different structure to our in house auditions, but we will ensure that the aims, ethos and outcomes of the process are the same

We are conscious that the online audition application process requires applicants to have access to certain technology and we are very understanding of the complexities and limitations that there are on filming audition footage at home. We would like to assure you that we are not seeking footage of a professional quality and we will do all we can to support applicants to access the audition process this year. More advice and guidance on this when we launch the information on Monday 1 June.

We appreciate that students may not have had the opportunity to access any dance provision during the lockdown period and that even maintaining general levels of fitness and flexibility are a challenge in current circumstances which will be taken into consideration during the audition process. Our aim is for the video submission not to be too taxing and exposing for students, but hopefully enjoyable experience and an opportunity for them to show us their passion for dance.

If you have already applied to attend a 2020 audition date you should have received an email notification regarding the changes to the CAT audition application process this year. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact Hannah at

To find out more about the Dance City Centre for Advanced Training and apply click here.

Lead image by Nev Campbell.