Our time in the studio at Dance City, during the ‘Creative Summer’ period, will be our final week in a research and development period for our new creation ‘Without End’. This trio work will be exploring the concept of time and how our environment, society and bodies change over time. ‘Without End’ is a creation that will be developed to be performed in unconventional performance spaces, and will be further developed in Spring 2016, in collaboration with highly regarded Landscape Architect Trudi Entwhistle (Hebdon Bridge/Leeds) and film composer Jered Sorkin (Leeds).

At the close of our week in residence at Dance City, we will present some of the materials created, as part of an informal sharing session, where we would really value feedback and opinions from both artists and general public, presented in the afternoon of Friday the 28th of August (time TBC).

‘theMiddletonCorpus’ will also be opening up morning classes, whilst in residence, for local professionals, dance students and enthusiasts to participate. The classes will be led by Anthony Middleton (Artistic Director), based around his own movement language and aesthetic, shifting through acrobatic phrases both in and out of the floor.