Evangelia Kolyra is a Greek, London-based choreographer and performer, who is interested in performative work which takes place within theatre spaces, site-specific, film and installation contexts.

Evangelia’s work aims to offer audiences a kinaesthetically rich experience of the unexpected, humorous and sometimes dark or sinister sides to the psychology of human experience, presented within highly detailed and physically demanding choreography.

Her work has been featured in various platforms and festivals in Europe (England, Scotland, Greece, Italy, Sweden) and she is working towards developing a cross-disciplinary and highly collaborative practice.

The aim during the residency at Dance City is to invent a number of creative and compositional approaches that will function as a seed for my new work. I will work with improvised physical actions and implement a number of rules and constraints embracing at the same time elements that might refer to different art forms. My interest is in finding unexpected stimuli and use ‘mistakes’ as inspiration.

Pro Class: Tues – Thurs, 10am – 11.30am, for more information click here

Sharing: Friday 4pm, for more information and to book click here