Fuora Dance Project is an emerging dance company (based in Scotland) set up by Federica Esposito and Giulia Montalbano. The company has presented various pieces recently at the Fringe Festival of Edinburgh, Cottier Dance Project and Streetland (Glasgow), Hidden Door and Scottish Storytelling Centre (Edinburgh), CityMoves and DanceLive (Aberdeen) , London Brige Live Arts Festival and Resolution 2015 (The Place, London), Dance International Glasgow.

T-his/T-hat is a piece mainly for children and it has been inspired by the concept of choice. Every day we deal with choices and possibilities which can influence or even change certain aspects of our lives. We wonder if we are always able to understand which the best option is.

Fuora Dance Project proposed an interactive performance in which children played an important role (DanceLive Aberdeen, 100 days/100 dances Aberdeen). They had the opportunity to approach Italian language, learning some basic words, such as colours, numbers, names of places and objects. This project has been self-funded and with some help about costumes from Scottish Dance Theatre. We would love to bring this performance to a higher level using more props and a proper scenography(projection of the  storyboard of T-his/T-hat) by an illustrator for children. We would also like to collaborate with an actor who is also a playwriter, Eoin Lynch,  in order to create a familiar atmosphere with a solid mix of script and dance performance.