This week’s residency is part of a wider research project called ‘Inertia’. A project that has emerged out of a desire to address what feels like an inertia of present western politics (we have felt this particularly in Britain). We are frustrated. How do we act? How do we move? How do we fight? We feel that any direction we move in, and any act we undertake, will only feed the very thing we hope to resist. Furthermore, our inertia is not only at a macro-political level, but also a corporeal experience: this stillness is not rest. Bodies cannot stop. Productivity is paramount. Every moment is a potential networking opportunity. And we become exhausted trying to maintain this inertia. This project seeks to address and explore this inertia through our bodies: bodies in movement. How can we (re)embody politics and how can we find a way of moving (literally and figuratively) out of this inertia?