Marguerite Galizia’s ‘Fold’ is a solo performance / installation exploring the use of framing to fragment and abstract the moving body. Her approach is to use simple technical arrangements (live video feeds, projections, mirrors) to generate visually complex and multi-layered relationships through the counterpoint of the image/images and the live performer: abstracting, fragmenting and re-locating the body.

Marguerite’s aesthetic concerns run alongside an interest in developing her solo practice itself. To support this, her process will involve:


  • Research will draw on the RSVP cycles developed by Lawrence Halprin. This involves: the collection of resources, scoring, reflection through value-actions and performance. Research will make explicit use of this iterative model, leading to multiple choreographic outputs over the course of the residency. These will be filmed to create a series of video vignettes, published via my blog.


A Disruption is a physical provocation/ artefact (e.g. sound, image, action or text), which highlights or interrupts habitual patterns. Marguerite will invite ‘disruptions’ from other artists during her residency. These may take a number of forms, however some examples could be: emailed suggestions, prompts or instructions; a web chat with another artist whilst she work in the studio; an audio recording or pre-recorded video created by another artist. These disruptions may be sourced directly from other artists, or they may be ‘found’ disruptions. Whilst the disruption may punctuate Marguerite’s process, they may not lead to the creation of any material. Similar to Brian Eno’s ‘oblique strategies’, they may simply throw a spanner in the works that shifts the energy or focuses my attention.

Dates:  Monday 20th – Friday 24th August 2018

Public sharing: Studio 4, 2.00pm, Friday 24th August 2018