Our aim is to produce a duet, building on our recent performance at FRESH North East. Carrying on the creative journey, we wish to further explore where we had previously only scratched the surface. We had found that the more we worked with the seemingly random nature of the rope, the more we learned to control and manipulate the swing, the ark and to an extent the spin and in these moments we found expression, emotion, risk, play, struggle, support, restriction and freedom.

This new piece is rich in potential offering us a beautiful insight into what an audience both sees and perceives, while continuing to explore this potential and develop the movement vocabulary.

We intend to bring in a director or a creative collaborator to help us shape our findings to extract the story. Using the tools of lighting and projection along with music (possibly live) we will produce an engaging and captivating piece.

As it is the intention of Newton’s Ladder to create a full touring piece, this process will lead us to the point of having a short section of the larger show.