Tal Garmiza is an Israeli dancer currently based in Tel Aviv. She works and performs with musicians as part of a group called “a Door to a Room” and she is also involved in building a new centre for dancers at the Arab-Jewish community centre in Jaffa. Tal has recently started to work on some pieces of her own to the music of Roee Ben Binyamin, Itay Ashkenazy and Dorin Primor.

During Creative Summer she will work on a new piece called “dreams I have dreamt in the studio” and deals a lot with the connection between women in different cultures to music and nature. How do we refind our passion for dancing? When did dancing become so real that we have lost the ability to dream through it and how do we regain it? Where is our happiness in the dance? These are all questions dealt with in this project.
Photo credit: Maayan Yemini.