Call Out for dancers – Livia Dance

Livia Dance are looking for dance/movement artists to join their performance for a night in each location of their Kissing Futures UK tour:

13th Nov, DINA VENUE, Sheffield
15th Nov, COBALT STUDIOS, Newcastle
18th Nov, STEREO, Glasgow
22nd Nov, THE OLD ENGLAND, Bristol

The Company are looking to build up a long term relationship with these local dancers, so that when we tour again or play festivals in the area we can work as locally as possible. The work is interdisciplinary; we work with art fashion, live art and electronic music. We’ve got ambitious future visions – the performance explores identities, our relationship with nature and emotions, the state of creature, love
love love, a hunger for togetherness…

What would happen:
• You would be introduced to our practice.
• We would rehearse from around midday onwards, to then perform in the evening. The work is easy enough to pick up.
• You would need to prepare for the performance; listen to the songs / learn some cues / and look through some footage of the performance to learn about placements and costumes worn.
• We would do a show together, roughly 50 min duration, throw some energy and meanings into the universe and have fun together.


• We are currently waiting for an ACE application, if we’d get it you would get a fee.
• If we don’t receive ACE, we would share the ticket profit of the night with all performers (3 band, 3 dancers & booker & 1 van/ petrol & food counts a person too).

If interested drop an email to