Creative Winter is our new residency programme, designed to support dance artists in developing single or collaborative ideas involving choreography, dance and movement. You are invited to develop ideas and work in one of our purpose-built studios in Newcastle upon Tyne. We are offering this space to artists, free of charge, in the run up to the festive season on the following dates:


Monday 14 December – Friday 18 December (5 days)

9am – 5pm, Studio 3 (Newcastle), 8 people max


Monday 14 December – Friday 18 December (5 days)

9am – 5pm (Friday 18th finish time is 1pm),  Studio 4 (Newcastle ), 10 people max


Monday 14 December & Tuesday 15 December (2 days) 

9am – 5pm, Theatre (Newcastle), 10 people max


*Please note: groups of over 5 people are required to carry out their own Risk Assessment. Groups of 4 people and under are not required to carry out a Risk Assessment.

Proposals will be accepted from Friday 6 November and the deadline is 12 noon on Friday 20 November. Decisions will be taken by the programming team at Dance City and we will let people know by Friday 27th November. Full details can be found in the information document below.

If you would like to apply by video or via a telephone conversation, please email Phil Douglas at to discuss in advance.


Creative Winter Information

Creative Winter Information – Easy Read 

Creative Winter Proposal Form